Can I Protect My Hearing?

There are many things that can contribute to loss of hearing including the normal aging process, heredity, certain medical conditions and noise exposure.  While some things are out of your control, e.g. your genetics and the normal aging process, there are other areas where you have some control. This can help you protect your hearing.

One of the most prevalent causes of hearing loss is exposure to loud noise.  If at all possible, avoid loud noise.  If unavoidable, utilize adequate hearing protection such as earplugs or earmuffs.

The inner ear is an organ that requires oxygen.  Therefore, things that can impact your circulation and blood flow e.g. smoking and cardiovascular disease can also negatively affect your hearing.

Other health conditions such as diabetes have been linked to hearing loss.  Also, certain medications are “ototoxic” (damaging to the inner ear).  These include certain IV antibiotics, specific chemo drugs and high doses of aspirin.  Check with your physician or pharmacist if you have concerns about any medications.

If you have concerns about your hearing, promptly schedule an appointment for an evaluation to establish a baseline and identify any possible issues.

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