My older hearing aids are very noticeable. Are there newer hearing devices that are not noticeable?

We all remember our parents and grandparents hearing aids that were large and noticeable.  And, along with the size they would often whistle or squeal, so if others didn’t see them, they heard them. Fortunately as technology improves, so does the capability to make smaller more discreet hearing aid devices. As a result we are able to fit even more severe hearing losses with virtually invisible devices.

The level of technology that is packed into these little devices is amazing.  Today’s instruments are computerized devices that have the capability to eliminate feedback or squealing, provide a much clearer speech signal, and self- adjust to manage background noise so the user has improved speech clarity even in groups or noisier settings.

The small size of these high tech hearing devices also makes them virtually unnoticeable to the user themselves. Thus making hearing aids much more discreet.  They are so lightweight and comfortable,  that most patients tell us they forget they are wearing them.  We have had patients tell us they have forgotten they are wearing them, and as a result accidentally got into the shower with the aids on.  Thank goodness for the improved moisture resistance of today’s hearing aids.

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