Regular cleanings at home can help prolong the life of your hearing aids and keep you hearing the best you can.

You can clean your hearing aids daily by dampening a clean cloth with some hydrogen peroxide and wiping your dome or ear mold. This will help eliminate any wax, debris or oil. If you use domes, you know it is time to replace them when they do not fit securely onto your receiver anymore.

About once a week, or when you notice debris, take your cleaning brush and brush off the microphones on top of your hearing aid. This will free any debris that has settled on them and allow them to bring sound into your ear more efficiently.

When you start to notice a difference in sound quality while wearing your hearing aids, change your wax trap. When the wax trap is clogged, you may be able to hear sounds but they may sound quiet or muffled.

Once every six months you should utilize our Walk-In Hours for a hearing aid clean and check. Our Audiologists are able to clean the nooks and crannies of your hearing aid that you may not be able to access. After a thorough cleaning, we will make sure your hearing aids are working properly or address any issues we see.

Properly storing your hearing aids is another way you can prolong the life of your hearing aids. In general, your hearing aids should always be in one of two places: your ears or their case. Leaving your hearing aids free of their case on your dresser or in your pocket can lead to them being damaged or lost. Also, it’s never a good idea to keep your hearing aids in the bathroom. Your bathroom can get quite humid during showers and cause damage to the inside of your hearing aids.

While we encourage you to proactively maintain your hearing aids with regular cleanings and proper storage, we do not encourage you to try to fix them if something happens to them. If your ear mold or In the Ear hearing aid cracks or your receiver wire breaks, please do not try to fix them with glue or tape. Doing so can cause further damage to your hearing aids, so it is best to visit us during our Walk-In Hours to have the issue addressed by one of our Audiologists.

Kristin Seiler – Practice Representative

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