I Am a Very Happy Customer

My name is Johnn Molburg, I am a 72 year old, from a very large and social family. As an adult I watched my dad gradually lose his hearing and saw the devastating effects it had on him and our family. Being a stubborn soul he refused to do anything about it and slowly became a less social and angry individual who withdrew from family gathering as it was hard for him to hear. I promised myself that when the time came for me to need assistance in hearing I would do something about it.

With a family of my own, a daughter that talks 100 miles an hour and two soft spoken grandchildren, and a very active social life that I did not want to give up, I knew the time had come to get some hearing assistance.

My first stop was to Lemme Audiology, in Altoona.  After a thorough examination, Dr. McCloskey programmed a set of hearing aids and had my wife, who was sitting out of sight from me, speak to me.  It was the first time in a long time that I had heard her clearly, without having to ask “What”.  So exciting!

Being an individual who wants to get just what I felt I wanted and make sure my investment was going to satisfy me, I spent the next 18 months going to all the brand name hearing providers and evaluated the devices and ongoing services, I ended back where I started and purchased my hearing aids from Lemme Audiology.


At my age, my new hearing capabilities are such a blessing. I can hear my grandchildren, and not having my TV so high that my wife asks me to turn it down constantly. Every time I return to Lemme Audiology for a cleaning of my devices, I thank everyone there for giving me the great gift of hearing.

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