A hearing aid does more than just make sounds louder.  A hearing aid is a sophisticated mini computer that is personalized to your hearing loss.

To simplify it, a hearing aid works in 3 steps.

  1. The environmental sound, whether that is speech, background noise or steady state noise, enters the microphone and transforms into a digital signal
  2. The amplifier receives that digital signal and applies the correct volume for the listener’s hearing loss
  3. The speaker or receiver recreates the amplified signal into the listener’s ears

Seeing your audiologist on a regular basis for cleanings can verify that all 3 parts of your hearing aid are working correctly.  This is why we like to see our patients at Lemme Audiology Associates at least once every six months for a clean & check and once a year their annual screenings. During their screenings, our audiologists are able to determine if any changes have occurred in their patients’ hearing health and make adjustments to the prescription inside of their hearing aids if needed.

We want you to be able to hear the best you can! So, if you haven’t been in for a clean & check or your annual screening, just give us a call at (814) 941-7770 to set up your visit.

Jenessa Stiles, Au.D.

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