We always suggest to our patients that they wear their hearing aids as often as possible.  But what we have found is many of them are not wearing their hearing aids when they leave their house anymore. Why? Because they are nervous about losing their hearing aids when they put on and take off their masks. Several of them have had some close calls of losing their hearing aids while taking off their masks. A few have even lost them and have had to take advantage of their loss and damage warranty.

While it is important to wear a mask while going out and about during the current COVID pandemic, it is also important to be wearing your hearing aids when you go out.  When you wear your hearing aids, your brain is more aware of what is going on around you and you don’t want to give that up when you leave your house. So, try some of the following tips to help you listen up while masking up!

Get Your Mask Off Your Ears

Keeping your mask off your ears reduces the risk of the ties interfering with your hearing aids. Wear a mask that ties around the back of your head.

These types of masks are typically called “over the head face masks.” If you are having a hard time locating these types of masks in a store, you can always try purchasing them online at retailers like Walmart.com and on Amazon.com.

Hold On

Often, people use one hand to remove their mask. But, when you are wearing your hearing aids, it would be better to use both hands. While taking off your mask, hold onto your hearing aid with one hand while removing the mask with the other.

Stick N Stay

Keep your hearing aid attached to your head by using Phonak’s Stick N Stay pads. These little pads stick to the part of your hearing aid that sits behind your ear and keeps them attached to your head by sticking to your skin.

Clip Them On

Keep your hearing aids close even if they do fall from behind your ears with Otoclips. These little clips attach to your hearing aids then can be clipped on to your shirt collar. This is a great option for people who forget they are even wearing their hearing aids.

Last But Not Least

Be aware of your Loss and Damage Warranty. Make sure you are aware of when it expires and consider taking the option of renewing it if given the opportunity to do so.

To find out more information about the above products and tips, or your Loss and Damage Warranty, just call Lemme Audiology at (814) 941-7770.


Kristin Seiler – Practice Representative

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