June is Men’s Health month. But, it may come as no surprise that men are less likely to keep up with their health than women, this includes their hearing health. But why? Why are men less likely to address issues with their health or take preventative steps?
It can come down to a few things:

I’m a Man!
Traditional views on masculinity can be a factor in men not seeking out consistent health care. Men think they should be strong and self-reliant. According to Harvard and Rutgers, men who hold these views resist routine health exams.

Ignorance is Bliss
The Orlando Health hospital system conducted an online survey to find out why men may be reluctant to see their doctors. One of the top reasons was that they were afraid of what they may find out. They take the attitude of what they don’t know can’t hurt them.

Too Close for Comfort
Many men lack on consistent health care because of being uncomfortable with certain body exams. Prostate and other invasive exams will make men hesitate to get them done.

Wait and See
The wait and see approach ties into the “I’m a Man” attitude. Since men think they are to be strong and macho, they will ignore the small problems they are noticing about their health and just power through them. They will wait and see if the problem gets bad enough for them to take action. Many of the men who have visited our office and have declined treating their hearing loss don’t think about all the important sounds and voices they are missing and make comments such as “I’ll get hearing aids when I can’t hear anything anymore.”

When it comes to your health, routine visits and preventative steps are key to your overall wellness. So, it’s time to man up! Instead of pushing your health aside, it’s time to take care of what needs done.
• Get your annual physical with your physician, this is the best way to prevent and detect medical problems.
• Have your hearing tested and address your hearing loss. Having your hearing evaluated and hearing loss treated at Lemme Audiology Associates is painless. According to patient reviews on Google and HealthyHearing.com, taking care of your hearing health at Lemme Audiology Associates can actually be quite a pleasant experience!
• Get your vision tested. Even if you are not having any problems, annual exams can track your vision health and help you get ahead of any problems.
• Exercise and eat right. We all know that munching on snacks while binging on your favorite TV shows can be a fun time. But your body needs to move and needs the proper fuel to function well.

So, when you are ready to man up, call the cute chicks of Lemme Audiology Associates at (814) 941-7770 to schedule your hearing evaluation and to explore what manly hearing aid options are available to you.

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