In 2021 there was discussion about the possibility of Medicare paying for hearing aids.  This was actually part of the proposed coverage under the Build Back Better Bill.  This bill was initially a $3.5 trillion dollar proposal which included Medicare coverage for hearing aids, dental and vision.  It was cut to $1.5 trillion and at that time, dental and vision coverage was dropped completely, and proposed hearing aid coverage was scaled back to only cover hearing aids for patients with severe to profound hearing loss. That bill actually passed in the House in November 19, 2021.  It was then set to go to the Senate where it required a majority of the Senators to vote for it.  Currently they do not have enough votes to pass this legislation and it has been put on hold. As a result, it is very unlikely that we will see this Bill ever pass, and as a result that we will see Medicare coverage for hearing aids in the near future.

I know that many of our patients in 2021 were waiting to see what happened with this legislation.  As a result, understandably, they put treating their hearing loss on hold.  We know that untreated hearing loss can result in significant increased risk of dementia as well and significant reduction in quality of life.  For that reason, I felt it was very important to keep you up to date on this matter.

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Karen Lemme, Au.D.

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