Are you new to wearing hearing aids?

Everyday, your hearing aid(s) offers a new sound experience. For this reason, it takes practice, patience and persistence to adjust successfully. New wearers will hear sounds and voices that may not have been heard for quite some time. Not all sounds are comfortable at first, it may take some time for your brain to adjust to the sounds that individuals without hearing loss experience. It may also take some time for you to adjust to having your hearing aid(s) in your ear(s), but they should be fitting securely and comfortably. Experienced wearers will notice the differences between their new and old hearing instruments.

If you find yourself getting tired, stop and relax. If you have never worn a hearing aid(s) before, be patient and try to wear your hearing aid(s) all day. Try to build up your experiences and begin wearing your hearing instrument(s) at home and in fairly quiet and familiar environments. Gradually work into crowds. It is noted, that it takes some people several weeks to several months to adjust fully. The more hours of usage and experience is directly related to success of amplifications.

When an individual is first fit with hearing aids at Lemme Audiology Associates, our audiologists provide them with a hearing aid dairy. There are several questions in this diary that are meant to be completed by the new hearing aid user such as:

  • Can you tell what direction sounds are coming from?
  • How easy is it to insert and remove your hearing aids?
  • How comfortable are you hearing aids to wear?
  • Do you wish you could adjust your hearings?
  • Are jarring sounds distracting?

The hearing aid diary is designed for the new hearing aid user to discover what extra assistance is needed by their audiologist. During the 30 day follow up visit that all our patients get scheduled for once they are fit, their audiologist will review the hearing aid diary and focus in on what aspects need more attention.

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