Did you know that studies show hearing loss is twice as common in diabetics versus non-diabetics? The link between diabetes and hearing loss comes down to the damage that diabetes can cause to the inner ear.

High blood sugar is known to cause nerve damage and vascular problems throughout the body. Because the inner ear is very vascular and nerve rich, it is susceptible to damage from diabetes. Damage done in the inner ear can cause a sensorineural hearing loss, a loss that is not able to be medically corrected. A sensorineural loss can be treated with devices such as hearing aids or a cochlear implant though.

When thinking of the battery of tests that diabetics go through annually, having a hearing evaluation is often left out. Annual visits with your Audiologist give him/her the ability to track your hearing health over time. Annual visits can alert your Audiologist to any changes in your hearing so they can be managed.


So, how can you protect your hearing from diabetes?

  • First things first, follow your physician’s instructions regarding controlling your diabetes and your routine evaluations.
  • Incorporate some exercise into your routine after checking with your physician. Maintaining good circulation and blood flow will help keep your inner ear healthy.
  • Maintain a healthy weight. Excessive weight makes it harder for your heart to efficiently pump blood throughout your body, this includes the inner ear. Remember, your inner ear likes a good blood flow.
  • Protect your hearing. While taking steps to protect your hearing from diabetes, don’t forget to protect your hearing from loud noises. Custom made ear plugs can be made for you by our Audiologists, or you can purchase hearing protection HERE on our Lemme Buy Hear Online Store with free shipping.
  • Finally, see your Audiologist annually. Don’t forget to incorporate your hearing health into your annual wellness routine.


So, if you have yet to do so, just call (814) 941-7770 to schedule your annual visit with your Audiologist in our Altoona or Ebensburg office.

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