Just because you have hearing loss or utilize amplification does not mean you can’t travel.  Although some accommodations may be needed, it is best to be prepared in situations outside of your comfort zone.

Many hotels have services to help with your hearing loss. You can request a room that has flashing lights when the phone rings.  Tour groups and museums can provide you with amplification or listening devices for a direct signal with what is being shared through preprogrammed material or in person tour guides.

If you utilize amplification, carry extra batteries or chargers with you.  This can include AC adaptor plugs in different areas of the world.  If you are travelling by aircraft, you do not need to take your hearing aids off while going through TSA.  Do not place your hearing aids in a plastic bin to go through the conveyor belt.  This might damage them. 

Don’t forget to be an advocate for yourself.  Don’t forget to use effective communication strategies such as maintain eye contact, clear visualization for lip reading and minimize background noise.  Ask the flight attendants to repeat the messages from the pilot if needed.

Jenessa Stiles, Au.D.

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