This is a question that does not have a straightforward answer.  However, there are many factors to consider to better determine when it is time to replace and update hearing aids.

Most hearing aids last an average of five years.  Hearing aids have sensitive electronic components that can become harmed by exposure from moisture, ear wax, mineral deposits from perspiration, oils from skin.  This wear and tear will eventually impact optimal function of the hearing aid and cause it to be less reliable.  As a result, the hearing aid might begin make a static noise, work intermittently, and cause distorted sound quality.  This will ultimately impact overall performance of the hearing aid and reduce hearing benefit and satisfaction.  Also, this will result in higher repair costs.

Another consideration is technology.  Hearing aid technology is always improving to provide better sound quality and reduce unnecessary background noise.  So, if you have older hearing aids, their capability is not as efficient in processing speech, optimizing hearing performance in background noise, and eliminating the annoying squeal or feedback.   Also, there are many features new hearing aids have to offer.  Hearing aids can connect directly with your cellphone, television, and other wireless accessories to enhance listening experiences.  Also, hearing aids are now available with rechargeable capabilities and eliminate the need to replace disposable batteries.

Another important consideration is a change in hearing sensitivity.  It is important to have regular hearing evaluations to monitor any potential changes in hearing sensitivity.  Hearing aids are programmable and can accommodate slight changes in hearing.  However, there are situations which require new hearing aids to appropriately manage a greater degree of hearing loss.  This is an essential consideration to determine auditory function and obtain optimal hearing benefit from hearing aids.

As your hearing healthcare provider, we will be able to professionally clean and check your current hearing aids, regularly evaluate hearing to monitor changes in auditory function, and continually provide the most sophisticated technology available to optimize your hearing benefit.

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