Often times patients come into our office and report that their relative or friend has hearing aids and hates them. Only a small percentage of our patients are unhappy with their hearing aids, however, if you feel this way, this article is for you!

Four common reasons for an individual disliking their hearing instruments are:
• The hearing aids are not comfortable
• They make everything too loud
• They don’t help with hearing conversations more clearly
• They are too difficult to operate (inserting, removing, changing battery, etc.)

But, the great news with all four of these issues is that they are easy to fix with the help of your hearing healthcare provider. So, do not put those hearing aids away in a drawer to never be used again.

• After being fit with hearing aids, you do need to acclimate to the sensation of having something in your ears. But, if you just can’t get use to having something in your ears because they are uncomfortable, the hearing healthcare provider can make a change in the dome size, adjust the ear mold, or give you some tips about inserting your hearing aids properly.

• At first, your hearing aids may seem to be too loud. Hearing aids do take time to adjust to as your brain is relearning to hear sounds it hasn’t heard in years. Your brain needs to adjust to hearing again, so, the more often you wear your hearing aids, the more your brain can prioritize sounds. If needed, your hearing health care provider can adjust the prescription inside your hearing aids.

• If you feel you are not hearing conversations more clearly, the Audiologist can make an adjustment to the prescription inside of your hearing aids. They can do this through a Telehealth visit or an in person visit.

• If you feel that your hearing aids are too difficult to operate, a follow up visit with the hearing health care provider is needed. The provider can help refresh you on what you need to do and work with you to eliminate the difficulties you are experiencing operating your hearing aids.

Another reason why an individual may report being dissatisfied with their hearing aids is that the individual was hesitant to move forward with hearing devices to begin with. But, with time and effort, most individuals will adjust to hearing with their hearing instruments and realize the substantial benefit their devices provide that surpasses just hearing more clearly. Some of these benefits include:

• Reducing social isolation
• Minimizing the risk of accidental falls
• Delaying the onset of cognitive decline
• Building a stronger relationship with family and friends

The first step to taking care of your hearing health is to purchase hearing instruments that are recommended by your Audiologist. The second step is to learn to use them effectively. If you are willing to put in the effort, your hearing instruments can make a huge difference in your quality of life and overall health.

Lemme Audiology Associates Can Help Make Your Transition Easier

Just like vision, the degree of hearing loss varies person to person. Therefore it is important to be evaluated by an Audiologist. Our Audiologists can determine your degree of hearing loss and recommend the most beneficial hearing instruments for you. We will instruct you on use and care of the hearing instruments for an easier adjustment period. After the hearing aid fitting, our Audiologists are available to you for follow up appointments to address any questions or difficulties you are experiencing. Again, just like vision, over time your hearing will continue to degrade slowly. For this reason, our Audiologists feel it is important to have annual visits with you to adjust the prescription inside your hearing aids when needed.

So, If you have a set of hearing aids that are just sitting in your dresser drawer, pull them out and give us a call at (814) 941-7770. Here at Lemme Audiology Associates, we can address the issues you are experiencing with your hearing aids and help you take the steps toward a better quality of life.


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