Why some places offer free services and why some don’t.

During our open Walk-In Hours, we provide hearing aid cleanings and minor repair services to our patients. These services are also open to those who have hearing aids from another provider. From time to time, we are asked why we charge for these services while other providers offer them at no cost. It is intriguing to see their reaction when explained the difference between Lemme Audiology and other providers.

Hearing aid distributors are businesses who have Hearing Instrument Specialists/hearing aid salesmen working as their providers. These businesses usually provide free hearing tests for the sole purpose of selling a hearing aid. Selling hearing aids is the only way this type of business makes an income. So, the quicker a client returns to this business for another pair of hearing aids, the more income they can make. These types of businesses offer some free services such as hearing aid cleanings and maybe programming to anyone who walks in off the street. This is afforded to them because the mark up of their hearing aids sold to their current clients covers the costs of services for everyone. This is good for the person walking in,  but it means someone who buys a hearing aid from this type of business pays for other people services!

Audiology practices are different. They itemize services so a patient will pay for them as needed. Most Audiology practices also offer service packages. A service package is purchased at the time of the hearing aid fitting and covers services and supplies for a specific time for that individual.

Yes, here at Lemme Audiology we offer impressive quality hearing aids to those who have a hearing loss and would benefit from them. But because we also have other avenues of income, we do not need to mark up the price of a hearing aid as much as a hearing aid distributor would. Our Audiologists also provide:

  • Diagnostic audiometric evaluations
  • Complete comprehensive vestibular evaluations
  • Vestibular therapy
  • Cognitive screenings
  • Tinnitus evaluations and management
  • OSHA regulation testing

We understand if a person would rather visit a hearing aid distributor to receive their hearing aid cleanings and repairs at no cost. But, what you need to keep in mind, is if you decided to purchase hearing aids from a hearing aid distributor, rather than a professional Audiology practice, you will be paying for another person’s “free” services.

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