Have one of your friends ever mentioned having an old set of hearing aids that they aren’t using anymore? Have they offered to let you try their hearing aids? Before you do that, consider this:

If you were having difficulty seeing, would you expect to put on your friend’s glasses and be able to see perfectly? No. Each set of glasses is set to the correct prescription for the specific person. This is the same for hearing aids.

There are several different styles of hearing aids which range in different sizes. To determine which hearing aid is right for you, you must be evaluated by an Audiologist to determine the degree and type of hearing loss that you have. Once the testing is complete, your Audiologist will go over which style is best for your hearing loss. Once the style is determined, the hearing aids are programmed specifically to your hearing loss.

If you wear another person’s hearing aid who has severe hearing loss, it may be dangerous to your hearing. On the other hand, if you wear a hearing aid that is not loud enough, you will not notice an improvement in speech clarity.

If you are interested in determining if hearing aids will benefit you, call our office and schedule a consultation.

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