As the face of healthcare changes in Blair County, some patients have been unsure if they can continue to see us for audiology services.  In some cases patients have been told they must go to a specific provider that is affiliated with their primary care physician’s network.

Please be assured that we can continue to see you.  Our office participates with most major insurance providers including Medicare, UPMC, BC/BS, Geisinger, Aetna and others.  Most plans do not require a referral; however, Medicare is the primary exception.  For your audiology services to be covered under Medicare you must have an order from your PCP. Even if your PCP recommends you see another audiology provider, you can specifically request a referral to Lemme Audiology Associates.

If you have been encouraged to go elsewhere, but prefer to see us, please be aware that as a consumer you simply must ask. You have the right to choose.

                YOUR HEALTH – YOUR CHOICE

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