My son always looks forward to Wednesdays and Fridays because that’s when he, my niece, and nephew go to my parent’s house and play together.

While in the kitchen with my parents last Wednesday, I could hear all three of the kids giggling, stomping on the floor, and clapping their hands in the other room. They sounded like they were having so much fun so I had to see what was going on.

“What is going on in here!” I asked.

“We’re playing a game called Zombie Zombie Come Alive” my nephew laughed.

“Mom, watch! You’ll like it” my son said to me.

“It’s my turn!” my niece proclaimed.

I sat down and watched as my niece put on a blindfold. She laid on the floor then my son and nephew chanted “Zombie Zombie come alive, when we count to number five! 1..2..3..4..5..”

My niece then jumped to her feet and began walking around the room with her hands flailing around. My son stomped on the ground and my nephew clapped his hands as he walked around the room. My niece quickly tracked my son’s stomping feet and tagged him. “You’re it!” she proudly exclaimed after tagging him then handed him the blindfold.

It was easy for the kids to track the other’s stomping feet, hand clapping (and the other weird noises they were making) to tag each other. But, for someone who has an untreated hearing loss, finding the source of a sound can be quite difficult.

An untreated hearing loss can prevent you from understanding what is being said during conversations, but it can also leave you guessing where a sound is coming from.

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By: Kristin Seiler, Practice Representative

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