What is the best way to address hearing loss with a loved one?

If you are wondering how to address hearing loss with a loved one, be honest with your family members and talk to them about their hearing problems.  Family gatherings especially during the holidays involve laughter, conversation and interaction.  Individuals with hearing loss often have a lot of difficulty following conversations and participating in the discussions.  Playing TV or radio so loudly, missed conversations, or awkward answers are some of the signs that indicate your loved one is having difficulty hearing.

If you have a loved one who is suffering with untreated hearing loss, please think about having a conversation with them.  I know it can be uncomfortable, but a recent AARP/ASHA poll showed that nearly 70 percent of respondents said they would seek treatment for a hearing problem if they were asked to do so by a loved one.  How great would it be if you were the person who got your mom, your dad, your grandparent a new lease on life because they were able to hear again.  Give the gift of hearing for the holidays.

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