Your hearing loss can affect your relationship.

The old saying “Communication is key to a successful relationship” is true. Good communication with your spouse or partner helps bring you two closer together and also aids in resolving conflicts. But with an untreated hearing loss, communication breaks down.

Many people mistakenly think that their hearing loss is only affecting them. But, in reality, a person’s hearing loss is also affecting the people in their life. Spouses and family members can start to get frustrated when they need to repeat themselves several times or start to have hard feelings because they are not being completely heard when they speak. Some may even start to hold a grudge against their spouse with hearing loss because they no longer participate in the activities they once enjoyed doing together.

A 2009 British study discovered that out of 1,500 people with hearing loss, 44% indicated their hearing loss had caused stress and strain in their relationships with family, friends, and a romantic partner. About 34% said the communication issues due to untreated hearing loss had severely damaged relationships, some to the point of divorce. Our Audiologists often hear how a patient’s hearing loss is negatively affecting their marriage and the relationships they have with their family members.

When you take the step of treating your hearing loss, you are taking a step to having a better relationship with those you care about. You are also showing those who you care about that they are important to you. Many of our patients, and their spouses, have reported how much their relationships have improved since being fit with prescription hearing aids. Some even call our Audiologists “Marriage Savers.”

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