When patients call our office, the most frequently asked questions tend to be about their hearing or hearing aids. But, we do often have patients call with billing questions before and after their visits. Below are the most frequently asked questions that we get about billing….

“I want to get a hearing test but how much will it cost me?”

If you have medical insurance, we are able to bill most insurance companies for testing. The cost after that depends on your plan. At your visit, we will collect your specialist copay.

“Do I need a referral/order?“

Typically the only time you need a referral from your doctor is if you have the traditional Medicare (red white and blue card) as primary. Medicare requires Audiologists have a referral from a MD or DO.

“Why did I receive a bill after my visit was billed to insurance?” 

Some insurances have a patient cost share. Sometimes this is called your coinsurance or deductible. Typically at the beginning of the year, the deductible amount starts over. After this amount is met, insurances pay a percentage that can range up to 100%.

“I came in for an adjustment and cleaning to my hearing aid but had to pay out of pocket. Why?” 

Unfortunately, services to your hearing aids are not billable to insurance. We are only able to bill diagnostic services to insurance.

“Do you accept my hearing aid benefits?”

While each plan varies, some do have a benefit that we can submit for reimbursement.

But, some insurances have contracted with third-parties (such as Nations Hearing, Tru Hearing, and Amplifon) that we do not accept. Because we want to be able to provide our patients with the best care possible and the most up to date technology, we do not accept these third party benefits because they limit our Audiologist’s ability do so.

Here at Lemme Audiology, we are always more than happy to answer any questions you may have about your hearing, hearing aids, balance/dizziness, or billing.  Just give us a call at (814) 941-7770 during normal business hours.

Kelsi Bogus – Lemme Audiology’s Billing Specialist

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