Hearing Aid Accessories

Hearing aid users know the numerous benefits hearing aids can bring to their lives. However, hearing aids will never restore your hearing back to normal. Hearing aid manufacturers are aware of this and therefore make accessories available that are compatible with hearing aids. For example, most hearing aids have accessories to help with TV watching, phone calls and difficult listening situations such as a restaurant, family gatherings, sporting events, etc.

Let’s explore some of the accessories that are available to complement hearing aids and help you hear the best you can in different situations.


  1. TV Connector
    • Are you watching TV and unsure of what they are “mumbling” about even with your hearing aids in? Most manufacturers have a device that connects to your TV to allow you to hear the sounds directly through your hearing instruments. This device helps you better understand what they are saying on your TV.

  1. Phone Calls

  • Landline Calls
    • If you are primarily using a landline phone, some hearing aid manufacturers make a device that sends the phone call directly to the hearing aids. When using this device, you can hear the phone call in both ears which makes it easier to hear and understand. Some of the hearing aid manufacturers even make their own landline phones that are compatible with their hearing instruments. As soon as you pick up the phone call, you will hear it directly through your devices.
  • Cell Phone Calls
    • Many hearing aids have Bluetooth built into them. If you are using a cell phone with Bluetooth capabilities, the hearing instruments can be connected directly to your iPhone or Android, so you are able to hear your phone calls directly through your hearing devices. Some devices even make it easier with the ability to be hands free.


  1. Remote Microphone

    • In a crowded environment such as restaurants or family gatherings, even with your hearing aids it may be hard to understand conversations over the noise. Most hearing aids manufacturers make a device that acts as a microphone. The microphone is worn by the individual you are conversing with. Their voice will be picked up by the microphone and sent directly to your ears so listening is easier. This is also helpful if someone is trying to have a conversation from another room.


  1. FM System

    • An FM system is used primarily for children with hearing loss. In a classroom setting, even with hearing instruments, it may be difficult for the child to hear over the background noise in the classroom. In this case, a child has a receiver on his/her hearing aids and the teacher wears a microphone. When the microphone is turned on, the sound of the teacher’s voice is coming directly through the child’s hearing instruments. It helps so he/she can hear the teacher’s voice louder than the background noise. The FM system may also be used in other difficult listening situations such as restaurants, sporting events, etc.


  1. Remote Control

    • A remote control is used to adjust volume up and down and change into different program settings in your hearing instruments. You may use the buttons on your hearing aids to access these features; however, some individuals prefer a remote control. If your hearing aids have Bluetooth, you may download an App which acts as a remote control for your hearing aids.


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