How is Lemme Audiology different from the rest?


Since 1993 Lemme Audiology has been providing our community with hearing health care that goes above and beyond what you may expect.  We believe this is why we have won the Altoona Mirror’s Hometown Favorites Award each year since the category of “Favorite Hearing Aid Professional” was created five years ago.

It all starts with our hours of care. Since many of our patients are still in the workforce, it’s often hard for them to call off or leave work for their Audiology appointments. This is why our hours go beyond the traditional 9am-5pm in our Altoona office. Our patients are able to schedule their visits starting at 8am so they can see their Audiologist before going to work. Our patients are even able to visit our office after work due to our extended Tuesday hours to 7pm. If those hours don’t work for you, you have the option of Telehealth visits with your Audiologist for hearing aid adjustments.  Is there another Audiology practice in the area that contours to your schedule?

Our community is also able to take advantage of our open Walk-In hours for minor repairs and cleanings. Who wants to wait over a week for an appointment to have their broken receiver wire replaced or loose wax guard gromet fixed? Hearing aid users in our community can just visit us during our Walk-In hours for these types of issues without a need for an appointment. Can you do that at any other Audiology practice in the area?

Patient education is our goal with every visit we have with a patient. Our Audiologists have the education and experience you need to treat your hearing loss and, with that, the empathy and care you are looking for in a health care provider. Our Audiologists actually take the time to understand your hearing loss and how it affects you and your family’s lives. They will educate you on why your hearing loss is occurring and the impact a hearing loss can have before making any type of recommendation for treatment.

If hearing aids are recommended for treating your hearing loss, rest assure that your Audiologist’s recommendation is specific to your type and severity of hearing loss as well as your lifestyle. The hearing aids that are recommended are prescription based, not just a cookie cutter one size fits all type of amplifier. We strive for patient satisfaction with our services and our devices. All of our hearing aids have a 60 day money back return policy so you can determine if your hearing aids are beneficial to you. When it comes to the cost of your hearing aids, we make it as customizable as possible and have devices for every budget. The cost will be dependent on the level of hearing aid technology, service package option, and financing option. Hearing aids for you can be as low as only $35 a month. Going forward, you could take advantage of our loyalty discount with your future hearing aid purchase and save up to $500.

With the establishment of our Tinnitus Management Program and LAA Center for Balance, the only complete comprehensive vestibular testing center found between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, Lemme Audiology Associates has become an audiologic care center. From hearing loss, to tinnitus, to hyperacusis, to vestibular disorders, our providers are available to care for your complete audiologic health.

For the above reasons and more, Lemme Audiology is not like the rest. To experience why Lemme Audiology Associates is different from the other Audiology practices, simply call (814) 941-7770 to schedule your visit.


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