Real-ear measurements are an extra form of verification for our providers.  With a simple measurement, we can make a personalized approached to your hearing aid programming.  Based on individualized ear canal shape, a real ear measurement allows our providers to see the volume your hearing aid is providing at each pitch or frequency.

The whole process takes about 5 minutes and is very simple for the patient.  A soft probe tip will be added to the ear canal next to their hearing aid.  The patient will listen to a sentence or two while remaining quiet.  The real ear technology will produce targets based on ear canal shape and hearing loss.  The hearing aid volume will be adjusted to match these targets.

This form of technology is the most reliable measurement for audibility of the hearing aid. Real ear measurements provide evidence that your hearing aid is helping you hear the sounds you need to hear but also limiting the amplification of louder sounds so you are not uncomfortable.

Not every hearing aid provider takes the time to perform real-ear measurements, but the audiologists at Lemme Audiology do. We perform this extra form of verification so our patients receive the most benefit from their hearing aids and get a more personalized fit.

If you have any questions about real ear measurements or would like to schedule a hearing aid consultation, just give Lemme Audiology Associates a call at (814) 941-7770.

Jenessa Stiles, Au.D.

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