When purchasing hearing aids, one of the number one questions is “Do the devices come with a warranty?”. All new hearing aids come with a minimum of a one-year repair and loss and damage warranty through the manufacturer. If you purchase a more advanced device, you may have a warranty up to 3 years. When deciding on which devices are right for you, your audiologist will go over warranty information.

A repair warranty covers any damage (that can be fixed without replacing the device) done to the device. Reasons that the hearing aids may be need repaired are rechargeable battery replacement, moisture build up, excessive wax build up, electrical issues, etc. While your device is sent back for repair, our office can send you out with a loaner device to use while your device is sent out. Turn around time for a repair is about 7-10 business days.

The loss and damage warranty covers loss or damage beyond repair. The loss and damage is a one-time replacement per ear. For example, if you lose the left and right devices, both will be replaced for a fee. If you lose the right aid twice, the second loss will not be covered. There is a deductible of $425 per ear when using your loss and damage warranty for replacement. Once you have submitted the claim for loss, you cannot revoke it, even if the hearing aid is found.

When your warranty is close to the expiration date, our office will send you a letter to offer an extension on your repair and/or loss and damage warranty. Pricing and specific information will be sent out with the warranty extension letter.

If you think your hearing aid may need repaired or you have lost your hearing aid, please contact our office at 814-941-7770 and we will process the repair or loss and damage request for you.

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